Eldritch horrors from alternate dimensions are opening portals into our plane of existence for reasons unknown. It is up to you and your band of friends to close them. Fend off otherworldly beasts, gather clues, and perform the ritual. But be warned, the madness may lead to a member of your team to turn traitorous. The world rests in your hands. Complete the ritual, before its too late!

Crimson Court

You are a member of a secret society, the true power behind the throne. While the king is entertaining, it’s to your benefit that not all in attendance leave alive. Do you have what it takes to grab power while the chance is at hand?

Coming Summer 2022!

Who is...

Hi there! We're RustBit Studio, a small team with a big passion for crafting experiences. Although we've only recently formed, we come to the table with over a decade of game design in both the video game world and the board game world. As well as a decade of programming and art experience.

We're building The Grip of Madness, a 4-8 cooperative FPS with betrayal mechanics.

We also provide game development services, software, and website consulting work. Reach out to us if you're interested in bringing your visions to life!

Meet the team!


The lead designer at RustBit Studio, Ben Kanelos is a game creator with over a decade of experience. He’s always seeking new and exciting ways to engage players with fresh gameplay ideas. With a passion for shepherding games from design concept to finished product, he has successfully brought both tabletop and digital games to market.


CTO and lead programmer at RustBit Studio, Michael is armed with over a decade of game programming experience and a Masters of Science in computer science. As well as a passion for music composition!


The CEO & Director of Experiences of RustBit Studio! Building memorable experiences is Patrick's passion.


The lead artist at RustBit Studio, helping our creations come to life from concept art to fully fledged experiences. She views creating video games as an exciting, modern medium—specializing in 3D modeling, level design, and pixel art. Ranging from cute to creepy, she strives to create new and exciting worlds for players to explore.

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